1. Good Time of Year for a Chain Beam Saw

    What is your favorite tool these days?  For Carlos and Jeff Aguirre at Peak Framing in Colorado Springs, it's definitely the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Chain Beam Saw.  They have several large Mafell tools and love them all, but the 15-11/16" (400mm) saw has been the difference-maker for their big timber projects:

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  2. Fall Colors and Pull-Push Saws

    How were your Fall colors this year?  I love receiving photos from our Maine location when I need my foliage fix.  Here are a couple nice ones from 2017 including a cascade of pumpkins and an unorthodox chain saw from the Fryeburg Fair:

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  3. There's More than One Way to Cut a Tenon

    How do you go about cutting your tenons?  Some shops try to make due with a hand saw.  Other shops invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into automated CNC machines.  The rest of us are somewhere in the middle:  carpenters who prefer to take the tool to the timber, and who want their tools to offer speed, accuracy and versatility.  Today we wanted to simplify all tenon-cutting solutions down to the three best portable options.

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  4. Welcome to the New!

    If you haven't heard through the grapevine yet...  After more than a year's work, Timberwolf Tools finally launched its new website!  Many of you have already placed orders, created accounts, and submitted positive feedback.  THANK YOU for patiently bearing with the old site for so long!  We haven't done a complete website overhaul since the dot-com boom, so numerous improvements were needed.  At your convenience, we welcome you to brew a cup of coffee and visit to test-drive some of the new features.

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  5. The Beautiful Month of August

    Welcome to the month of August, considered by many in Maine & Illinois to be the most beautiful month of the year, while September is a close second.  We hope the weather is cooperating with your projects and your Summer work is going smoothly.

    TFG Wrap-Up

    We enjoyed seeing many of you at the Timber Framers Guild Conference in May, and making lots of sawdust as we demonstrated our tools.  If you were not able to attend, consider becoming a part of the next two Conferences in 2018:

    2018 TFG Conference - West
    June 1-3, 2018.  Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, OR

    2018 TFG Conference - East
    October 19-21, 2018.  Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, VA

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  6. Tool Combination Specials

    Purchasing multiple motorized Mafell tools together whose sum exceeds $5000, $10000, or $15000 will save 2%, 4%, or 6% respectively on these tools!  Add items to your shopping cart to build your own quotes and efficiently plan your next Mafell order. 

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  7. What's NEWS at Timberwolf Tools

    ....The President's Perspective and David's New Snow Machine....

    For many years, I was involved in much of the day-to-day order taking and order fulfillment for our company.  It was a lot of fun talking with you and making sure that every one of your orders was fulfilled properly.  More recently, Jeff Powell, George Bozonelos and Andrew Powell have been leading this effort and they are every bit as diligent as I was about getting your orders right.  They also really enjoy having a chance to talk with you and learn about your tool needs.

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  8. Merry Christmas to You and Yours from Timberwolf Tools

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  9. Portable Band Saws are Indispensable

    When you consider a portable band saw, your first thought might be using it for decorative cuts.  It's true they're great for decorative cuts, but our customers keep telling us that the Mafell Z5Ec 12" Portable Band Saw is capable of much, much more. Mafell recommends the Z5Ec for more carpentry applications than any other tool in their Product Training Brochure (pages 12-17).  And lately our customers have found some new and really cool uses for their portable band saw.

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  10. Mafell DD40P:  The Dynamic Duo Doweler

    Mafell DD40 POur customers are joinery pros.  A huge part of your work depends on joining materials together with strength, efficiency, and beauty.  For this reason, it's no surprise that both our fine woodworking and timber framing customers have taken an interest in Mafell's DD40P Duo Dowel System.  This is the ultimate tool for cabinets and shelves, and it excels at forming staircases, doors, and furniture as well.

    Why a duo-doweler?  Dowels are inexpensive and produce very strong joints, but the tricky part is making the holes line up on each side of your material.  The DD40P eliminates this problem:  it drills two holes at once, 32mm (~1-1/4") apart, and up to 40mm (~1-9/16") deep. 

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