Monthly Archives: November 2014

  1. Slot Mortising:  The Slot Machines that Pay Dividends

    You have probably seen more and more timber frame designers and customers ask about adding steel plates to their projects.  This is a fine engineering solution to reinforce your frames, but the steel plate slots must be cut accurately or it defeats the purpose.  So it is important for you to consider the best slot mortising tools available before tackling these projects.

    At Timberwolf Tools, we have two clear recommendations for cutting slots:  Mafell's LS 103Ec Slot Mortiser and Deep Slot Mortiser.

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  2. MKS 185Ec:  The Nose Tackle of Saws

    You probably know more quarterbacks than nose tackles.  Nose tackles don't rack up a lot of MVP awards (or even tackles for that matter) but the best NT's can handle multiple offensive linemen at once, which frees up the rest of their team to do their jobs.

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