If you have a project that requires precisely-drilled holes for wooden pegs or metal bolts, you probably know the difficulty in free-handing such a job.  Drilling through the middle of an old CD or using an L-shaped Lego jig isn't going to work in big timbers.  Your mentors in the industry tell you that the best solution is a professional drill stand.  Here's what one pro says:

"My first and favorite Mafell tool has to be the drill station coupled with WoodOwl drill bits.  Since we are primarily a post and beam manufacturer, many precise holes are needed for plating on each bent.  I have used the Mafell drill station for 5 years and have drilled thousands of precise and accurate holes with the system.  Typical bent plates require either 1/2" or 5/8" A325 bolts requiring 6-12 bolts per plate, we use 9/16" and 11/16" WoodOwl bits respectively for our bolt hole needs.  The Mafell drill station is so accurate t

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