Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. There's More than One Way to Cut a Tenon

    How do you go about cutting your tenons?  Some shops try to make due with a hand saw.  Other shops invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into automated CNC machines.  The rest of us are somewhere in the middle:  carpenters who prefer to take the tool to the timber, and who want their tools to offer speed, accuracy and versatility.  Today we wanted to simplify all tenon-cutting solutions down to the three best portable options.

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  2. Welcome to the New!

    If you haven't heard through the grapevine yet...  After more than a year's work, Timberwolf Tools finally launched its new website!  Many of you have already placed orders, created accounts, and submitted positive feedback.  THANK YOU for patiently bearing with the old site for so long!  We haven't done a complete website overhaul since the dot-com boom, so numerous improvements were needed.  At your convenience, we welcome you to brew a cup of coffee and visit to test-drive some of the new features.

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