Writing to you from frosty "Chiberia" where we recently had temps in the -20's and the Windy City lived up to its old nickname.  Thankfully everyone in the office still has 10 fingers and 10 toes at last count  :)  How was the cold in your neck of the woods?

You may have noticed that Mafell released the NEW KSS 60 18M bl Cordless Cross-Cutting System and we now have it in stock!  This brings us up to NINE systems that use Mafell's cross-cutting technology—so it's time that we put together a comprehensive guide that helps you find the best "KSS" saw for your projects.

These are amazing saws and we believe that every carpenter should have one.  Mafell invented the "KSS" cross-cutting saw in 1989 and has been improving it ever since.  Other manufacturers have tried copying the idea once Mafell's patents expired, but "you get what you pay for" in life and these saws are no exception.  Mafell offers a greater selection of cross-cutting systems with more power, portability and precise features.

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