Customers like you continually impress us with how quickly you take a project from concept to reality.  Ray Navarro of Bjork Construction Company in Fremont, California sent us this scaled down model on January 11th for a 27-foot tall Salad Bar he was building for Facebook.  After discussing his need for 1/2" knife plate joints in 18" x 18" glulams, we Overnight-shipped him a Mafell LS 103Ec Slot Mortiser and BST 650S Drilling Station.  A month later Ray was sending us photos of the raised structure!

What a testament to the versatility and strength of knife plate joinery!  The LS 103Ec Slot Mortiser can plunge up to 11-3/16" deep, and Mafell makes Deep Slot Mortisers for plunges up to 15-11/16" deep (at angles up to 45°) or even 19-5/8" deep.

Although it may it may appear to be a random, unconventional series of "sticks" in this photo, the structure is being enclosed with glass and will eventually be the area where Facebook employees build their salads based on complex algorithms...  We hope they will LIKE IT!

Knife plates are not just a regional style of timber framing!  I've heard some folks suggest that knife plates are for Rocky Mountain or West Coast builders, but the map below of some of our top Mafell slot mortiser customers shows an even spread across the continent:

SearchNext time you have a knife plate opportunity on the horizon, we recommend building your own quotes on our website using the dropdown menus for voltage and chain size so you can price a Mafell slot mortiser into your project bid (the other bidders are likely doing the same thing, or they are free-hand cutting with a chain saw which is neither safe nor accurate!)  And most of our slot mortiser customers call us (1-800-869-4169) at some point before purchasing to discuss the unique challenges of their project.

Many of you have been waiting patiently a LONG time for the launch of Mafell cordless tools in North America while your European friends have been enjoying the perks of cordless mobility.  The wait is over!  Three cordless saws and two cordless drills are now up on the website for you to browse:


Each cordless tool is available in two versions:  the "PURE" version comes without batteries or charger, whereas the "Complete" version includes two Mafell batteries and the 120V charger.  The Complete versions are in the process of shipping here by ocean freight and will be here in about one month (UPDATE:  ARRIVED MAY 11, 2018!) so those eager for cordless technology in the meantime are opting for PURE versions.  The good news is that Mafell has partnered with Metabo in Germany for the best-of-the-best battery technology, so one can easily obtain Metabo battery/charger equivalents.  Here are the corresponding Metabo item numbers for each Mafell cordless tool:

MT55 18M bl Cordless Plunge/Track Saw &
KSS 50 18M bl Cordless Cross-Cutting System

-Metabo LiHD 18V 5.5 Ah Battery (item # 625342000)
-Metabo ASC 30-36 120V Charger, 14.4-36V (item # 627046000)
...or Combo Kit including two Batteries, 120V Charger and Carrying Bag (item # 625342002)

KSS 40 18M bl Cordless Cross-Cutting System,
A 18M bl Cordless Drill Driver &
ASB 18M bl Cordless Hammer Drill Driver

-Metabo 18V 5.2 Ah Battery (item # 625592000)
-Metabo ASC 30-36 120V Charger, 14.4-36V (item # 627046000)
...or Combo Kit including two Batteries, 120V Charger and Carrying Bag (item # 625596252)

Please note:  you can use larger Metabo battery sizes on these tools, but these are the largest batteries that fit in the systainer carrying cases.

Here are videos of the small cordless saw and drill in action:

Customers keep telling us they are busy, busy, busy!  I hope the economy is treating you well, but I also hope that everyone is getting outside from time to time to "recharge their batteries."  The Powell guys recently enjoyed a snowshoe hike up to Table Rock in Maine's Grafton Notch State Park.  Beautiful weather and epic views!

It cannot be said enough:  We really appreciate your business!

Jeff Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
Toll free:  1-800-869-4169