Did you read the newspaper comics growing up?  I thought of The Far Side recently while working on some new bookshelves for my wife–using a Makita 9741 Wheel Brush Sander to create the “raised grain” look on some Doug Fir.  WOW!  That machine creates a ton of fine dust!  I covered my nose with a T-shirt while squinting behind my glasses and tried not to fog them up by breathing too much.  I felt like the caveman Durk in this Comic, and could hear our wise customers whispering in my ear:

“A word of advice, Jeff:  It’s the 21st Century.  Half of us are reading this blog on a smartphone, we’re using battery powered tools, and no one’s using a T-shirt for dust collection anymore!”

Mafell S 35 HEPA Dust ExtractorSo I am especially excited to announce the launch of 120V Mafell S 35 HEPA Dust Extractors in North America!  Mafell vacuums already have a reputation in Europe for removing large quantities of fine dust during long periods of uninterrupted work, not to mention unmatched durability.  And now Mafell has prepared a special version for North America that has been reloaded with new features such as:

  • Certified for 99.997% HEPA filtration
  • An optional 52-Gallon Container
  • Improved fleece/plastic bag selection valve

Nilfisk ATTIX 44-21 IC HEPA Dust ExtractorYou also may have noticed that we launched 120V Nilfisk ATTIX 44-21 IC HEPA Dust Extractors on our website this year!  Nilfisk is a billion dollar company out of Denmark that is 100% focused on vacuum technology.  They produce the dust extractor of choice for carpenters who prioritize mobility over everything else, including:

  • Convenient power cord & hose wrap
  • Heavy-duty wheel locking
  • Optional mounting kit for systainer cases

Should I go Mafell or Nilfisk?

Nilfisk ATTIX 44-21 IC HEPA Dust Extractor

It’s like the Nilfisk Dust Extractor was specially made with the Mafell MT55cc Plunge/Track Saw in mind!  As you can see in this photo, it comes with a hose connection that perfectly snap-locks with the MT55cc (as opposed to a normal friction-fit).  You can also add a Systainer Mounting Kit that allows you to easily transport T-Loc, MAFELL-MAX and L-BOXX systainers on top of the vacuum, such as the carrying cases that come with the MT55cc, P1cc, DD40P, KSS 300 and K85Ec.

To wrap up the Nilfisk power cord, there is a super-convenient bungee cord that stores the cord in seconds (even during winter months when cords are stiff) which is superb for mobile carpenters.  The casters on the Nilfisk double-lock and the rubber tire friction helps prevent the vacuum from slipping around in the back of your truck.  The Nilfisk also features a clever self-cleaning system that simply reverses the air flow every 15 seconds (just be careful not to use this setting while using the Mafell Aerofix System or your track will momentarily lose suction and move).  Here is a video of the Nilfisk in action:

Mafell S 35 HEPA Dust Extractor

The Mafell Dust Extractor is the German-made vacuum for fine woodworkers and timber framers who want a rugged 120V Mafell-tested, system solution.  The 9.2 gallon tank is made of special plastic that is resistant to corrosion, common acids and alkalis.  You can find European videos of these vacuums sucking up everything from cold beer to 1400° hot coals!  Okay, don’t try those at home  :)  but you get the point…  REALLY, REALLY, DURABLE.

The self-cleaning ability of Mafell is second to none:  it uses two filters and applies a powerful 300g vibration force for 3.5 seconds to only one filter at a time.  Other vacuums might boast high airflow or pressure stats on paper, but in practice these numbers fall off significantly during their self-cleaning process.  The Mafell vacuum delivers consistent suction for the cleanest and healthiest workspace.

Not all HEPA filters out there are the same!  The H14 class filters (certified for 99.997% filtration) on the Mafell vacuum are TEN TIMES more effective than 99.97% filters, and 33X more effective than 99.9% filters.  So the Mafell is the easy choice for contractors working with large quantities of fine dust, such as Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter users creating V-grooves in drywall, or PSS 3100 SE Portable Panel Saw users cutting cement fiber panels.

And if 9.2 gallons isn’t enough for you:  Mafell offers a whopping 52-GALLON CONTAINER that their vacuum fits on!  Large tools such as the Mafell NFU 32 Groove Cutter and MKS 130Ec Circular Saw create a lot of wood chips, so this 200-liter drum accessory can be a huge time-saver.  It’s quite handy to switch between an industrial shop vac and a mobile jobsite extractor depending on your needs.  Note:  these containers are in the process of shipping here by ocean freight and will be here in about one month.  (UPDATE: ARRIVED SEPTEMBER 6, 2018!)

Here’s a German video of the 52-Gallon Container used together with Mafell’s NEW DSS 300cc Insulation Saw coming soon:

Between Nilfisk and Mafell, we are confident that Timberwolf Tools now offers the two best vacuums for fine woodworkers and timber framers!  Both of these vacuums are in stock and have all the fixings that you would expect from the leading dust extractor, such as anti-static hoses, wet/dry capability, and fleece/plastic bag options.

Other Dust Collection Items

Mafell also makes Dust Bags and Cleanboxes for specialty tools that capture a surprising amount of dust, as well as various Hoses and Adapters for compatibility and optimal dust collection.  To browse these items, we have added a DUST COLLECTION tab under the ACCESSORIES window on our website.

As hinted above, dust extractors also allow you to utilize the very cool Aerofix F-AF 1 Clamping System.  This unique guide rail uses the suction of your vacuum to clamp itself to your workpiece.  The Aerofix is superior to normal Mafell clamps because it can clamp onto timbers thicker than 4” (Figure 1 below) and even clamp onto the floor (Figure 2 below).  Here is a Video of the Aerofix in action.

(Figure 1 – e.g. MKS 185Ec rail cuts)

(Figure 2 – e.g. MT55cc plunge cuts)


Whichever route you take—vacuum, dust bag, etc—we strongly recommend using some form of dust collection with your tools if possible.  It’s a big time-saver when you calculate time spent sweeping the floor, safer for cutting since you can better see your line, and it’s just overall good for your health!

Praying for our Brave Customers


Brandon Penrod of High Mountain Timbers in Springville, Utah gave us permission to share that he recently went through a 17-hour liver transplant surgery and so far the results are positive!  Brandon had a rare liver condition that required a transplant, the same disease that Chicago Bears football legend Walter Payton experienced.  This past year, his doctors had not given him much time left, but a donor unexpectedly came through and donated three quarters of their liver to Brandon.

Mafell heard about his story and outfitted him with a special shirt, as seen here with his wife Kindrah (who is sporting a WoodOwl shirt herself).  Brandon is home now and recovering from this intense surgery.  Please remember him, one of our fellow timber framers, in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for reading another Timberwolf Tools blog!  Hope you are staying cool in these hot summer months and the economy is treating you well.  As always, please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Jeff Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
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