Fish and Moose

I woke up just before 4am this morning to go fishing before work and I was pleasantly reminded of how beautiful nature can be.  Hope you enjoy some of my fishy friends from Umbagog Lake, as well as Mr. Moose that I passed on the road along the way.

To succeed at fishing, one needs to have the right combination of timing, equipment (rod, lures, bait), skill and dedication.  As a carpenter, you need craftsmanship, tools, innovative ideas and persistence to catch your next customer.  Rarely have I heard about a fisherman who landed a big fish on just a hook... usually it takes the right lures or bait (the right tools!!)  We've got the tools to help you land your next big job or complete today's project more accurately and efficiently.

Happy fishing, Summer Solstice and upcoming July 4th holiday!

David Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
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PS - I threw the fish back in case YOU want to catch them later in the Summer.  Visit Maine this Summer and we will show you paradise on Lake Umbagog!

Looking for the Porsche of Planers?

  1.  Lightest 12" planer due to its magnesium casting
  2.  Longest lasting blades due to the tri-metal alloy composition
  3.  Superior chip ejection and the smoothest planed finish
  4.  Check it out at Mafell ZH 320Ec 12-9/16" Planer

It's performance is unbeatable!  Beyond dependable and mirror smooth finish, it is just a beautiful design to the eye and handles superbly.  And since the retail price of this tool exceeds $5000, adding another motorized Mafell tool to your order will automatically trigger savings of 2% to 6% on both tools!

Or are there other Mafell tools you would like to add to your tackle box?

Mafell Tools


The annual Timber Frame Guild meeting is scheduled for August 8-11 in Burlington, VT.  We will be there with loads of tools for you to see and test.  Hope to see you in Vermont!

For more information, click here:  TF Guild Conference in Burlington, VT