We hope your spring has gotten off to a productive start!  Based on the feedback we've received from our customers, this summer is gearing up to be one of the busiest in a while for timber framers and fine woodworkers.  Below are five updates you may find interesting for this 5th month of the year.  And as always, feel free to give us a call to discuss your upcoming projects and how we might be able to help.

Mafell Cordless Tools and Batteries Arrived

This month we received the highly-anticipated ocean freight shipment of Mafell battery-powered tools with 120V chargers.  I always get goose bumps when new Mafell technology hits North American soil and we plug them in the first time, and these new black batteries and chargers really delivered on power and coolness!  Now you have many decisions to make:  corded vs. cordless, "PURE" vs. Complete, KSS 40 vs. KSS 50, and so on.  Happy to answer any questions you have at 1-800-869-4169.

WoodOwl 18" x 1" Bits Now in Stock

We recently received over 300 of the Most Popular Ultra-Smooth Auger Bit from Japan after WoodOwl had been out of stock a few months due to overwhelming demand.  In appreciation of everyone's patience, WoodOwl has given us some free T-shirts, hats, coozies and pencils to give out (see photo below).  Just remind us which freebie you want next time you place a WoodOwl order.

Going forward:  Timberwolf Tools has drastically increased our auger bit stock minimums, and WoodOwl is adding new production machinery at their plant.  BUT these bits still take about 20 minutes each to produce and demand is higher than that, so certain sizes will go out of stock from time to time.  To prepare yourselves for future shortages, there are a couple things you can do in the meantime to keep your drilling process smooth:

  • Be careful drilling in wood that might have nails or especially hard knots
  • Invest in a Feather-Type Resharpening File to clean up used bits
  • Purchase a few more backups of the most important WoodOwl sizes for your shelf

New Financing Contact

Have you been eyeing a large summer purchase such as the Mafell ERIKA Pull-Push Saw or ARUNDA Dovetail System but are short on cash right now?  Consider financing the tool to have it in your shop this week:

Timberwolf Tools' new financing contact is Vincent Capriotti, Senior Business Development Manager at Marlin Equipment Finance.  Vince is a very friendly guy and excited to be working with our customers!  His number is 856-505-4416 and email is VCapriotti@marlinfinance.com if you have any questions.

World's Best Jigsaw Video

Christian Meredith of TechBuilt Tools and Carpentry in Perth, Australia recently produced an excellent video below demonstrating many features of the Mafell P1cc Jigsaw:

He echoes the sentiments of many other jigsaw users:  they are frustrated with all the other options on the market - but the P1cc is simply in a class of its own - so much that he's reluctant to call it a jigsaw!  (many of us call it the handheld bandsaw)

This is the only jigsaw on the market that operates without a rear roller guide (the blade floats in space during use) so blades are cool to the touch after cutting and last much longer, making the P1cc highly economical over time.  This is also the only jigsaw that reliably works with a Guide Rail System, thanks to the perfect grooves in the base plate and the supplied parallel fence.  Finally, the P1cc is the only jigsaw that can use Mafell's award-winning CUnex W1 Curve-Cutting Blade, which is actually two blades rigidly fused together and tapered towards the back to prevent deflection during curved cuts.

George Wins the German "Grand Prix"

Our own George Bozonelos recently went to Germany for Mafell training and finished on top of the podium during the extracurricular Go-Cart race!  Not a small accomplishment considering Germany has such fast drivers.  We're pretty sure all beers and/or champagne were consumed AFTER the race...

George also took some great photos and videos during his training which we are uploading to our website and YouTube Channel.  This trip was a reminder that the folks at Mafell are master carpenters, brilliant engineers, and wonderfully nice people  :)


Jeff Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
Toll free:  1-800-869-4169

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