Wow, we've been busy and I bet you've been busy, too!  It seems like just yesterday we were participating in the Timber Framers Guild Annual Conference in Vermont.  Now summer is over, autumn is colorful and winter is around the corner.  Over the last few months, we have learned from many of you that business has been strong and your backlogs are growing.  It is exciting to hear that our customers are doing so well!

In addition to fulfilling your orders for tools, accessories and parts, and servicing all of your tool needs, Mafell and Timberwolf Tools have also been busy on several fronts:

1.  Recently, Mafell has introduced a new on-line catalogue that you can access at:  Mafell Online Catalog.  You will find all the specs on your favorite Mafell tools, as well as available accessories for each tool.  It is a terrific resource and easy to use.

For more information on this new saw, please view:
Mafell ZSX Ec/400 on
or in the Mafell Online Catalog

2.  Mafell has introduced two new innovative tools -- the K85Ec Circular Saw and the KSS 80Ec/370 Cross-Cutting System.  We will feature these tools in a future email.  For now, you can find information on both tools on our website or in the new Mafell online catalog.

For more information on this new saw, please view:
Mafell K85Ec Circular Saw on
or in the Mafell Online Catalog

For more information on this new saw, please view:
Mafell KSS 80Ec/370 Cross-Cutting System on
or in the Mafell Online Catalog

3.  We have added the most popular tool accessories to our web site for the Mafell MT55cc, P1cc, KSS 300, KSS 400 and PSS 3100 SE so it is easy for you to order everything you need online.  However, we are always glad to hear from you by phone, if you would prefer to call, so always feel free to give a ring at 800-869-4169.

Example of Accessories for the new Mafell KSS 80Ec/370

We hope that these improvements and new products will make it is easier for you to choose Timberwolf Tools as your supplier of innovative timber framer's and cabinet maker's tools and accessories.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

David and the growing Timberwolf Tools Team
Toll free:  800-869-4169

......Autumn REFLECTIONS from Maine