Mafell MT55 18M bl Cordless Plunge/Track Saw

  • The top cordless track saw for cutting expensive materials up to 2" thick with no margin for error
  • Comes standard with dust bag, position indicator, parallel guide fence, and T-Loc systainer for excellent value
  • Compatible with Mafell Guide Rail System and other guide rail systems as well

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Mafell MT55 18M bl Cordless Plunge/Track Saw is available to buy in increments of 1

The Mafell MT55 18M bl is the world’s most powerful and precise cordless track saw.  In fact, the difference in performance compared to the corded MT55cc Plunge/Track Saw is so small that MT55 18M bl customers insist this CORDLESS saw is more powerful than similarly-sized CORDED track saws produced by other manufacturers!  Mafell spared no expense investing in the best Metabo brushless 18 V Lithium-ion battery technology that is processor-controlled to monitor all important factors such as charge and temperature.  Fine woodworkers can now enjoy key MT55cc benefits such as the world’s fastest/safest blade change, 2” cutting depth on a track, thin efficient blade kerf, and compatibility with non-Mafell tracks – all in a cord-free environment!

To enhance portability, the MT55 18M bl comes with Mafell’s popular dust bag, which works perfectly with the enclosed sawblade and chip guard to help keep worksites clean.  Also standard is the Parallel Guide Fence, which is handy for guiding rip cuts off a guide rail in larger materials up to 2-3/16” thickness (57mm).  Everything fits nicely in the lightweight “T-Loc” systainer including the 120 V charger and maximum-runtime Li-HD batteries.  Ultimately a track saw is only as good as its tracks, portable tracks are only as good as their connecting pieces, and connections are virtually seamless in the case of Mafell's Guide Rail System.  Therefore the truly mobile plunge/track saw will take advantage of Mafell 5.2-foot and smaller tracks, Clamps and a Connecting Piece transported in the Guide Pocket bag accessory.

A number of MT55 18M bl features work together to guarantee the finest cuts in expensive materials.  With the press of a button, the industry’s easiest scoring function limits cutting depth to 3/32” (2.5mm) and slightly offsets the blade from the cutting line so the user can make a scoring cut, switch off the scoring function, and then perform a normal cut without tearing.  Normal cutting depth is set with a smart stop at each millimeter (with fine adjustment available to the nearest .1mm) and a convenient pointer indicates cutting depth whether on/off a guide rail.  Bevel cuts up to 48° are easily adjustable with a quick turn of a knob, and a locking switch allows for -1° undercuts to connect boards with tight and tear-free joints.  Finally, the Position Indicator MT-PA comes standard with the MT55 18M bl for precise plunge cuts in kitchen countertops and other applications:  red sliders clearly mark where the blade will enter and exit the work surface.

There are two versions of the MT55 18M bl to choose from.  The “PURE” version is available for users who already have the compatible Mafell/Metabo Batteries and Charger, whereas the Complete MT55 18M bl comes with two Mafell Li-HD 99 watt-hour batteries and the 120 V charger.


Cutting depth at 0° on track: 0 to 2"
Cutting depth at 45° on track: 0 to 1-3/8"
Cutting depth at 0° off track: 0 to 2-3/16"
Cutting depth at 45° off track: 0 to 1-9/16"
Tilt range: -1 to 48°
Saw blade diameter: 6-1/4" to 6-3/8"
Nominal speed - no load: 4,850 rpm
Battery: 18 V, Li-Ion
Charger: 120 V / 60 Hz
Weight with battery: 10.4 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • 48T Fine-Cutting Carbide Blade
  • Position Indicator MT-PA
  • Parallel Guide Fence
  • Dust Bag
  • Allen Key
  • T-MAX Carrying Case


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