Mafell S 200 Dust Extractor

  • Enormous 52 gallon capacity for wood fiber insulation dust
  • Powerful 230 V motor with built-in power outlet
  • Nano-coated filters to reduce clogging by fibrous dust
Mafell S 200 Dust Extractor is available to buy in increments of 1

This is the ideal vacuum for the Mafell DSS 300cc Insulation Saw thanks to its enormous 52 gallon (200 liter) capacity and 230 V power outlet.  Other tool users generally prefer the 120 V HEPA Version.

Cutting wood fiber insulation typically generates enormous quantities of dust, so the Mafell S 200 Dust Extractor was outfitted with outstanding suction performance to easily collect up to 90% of airborne waste.  This vacuum has a built-in 230 V power outlet that is live when you need it to be:  just plug in your German tool and receive constant suction.  Set the vacuum to on-all-the-time for continuous use, or use the automatic-run feature which engages when the tool turns on (and runs the vacuum for additional 10 seconds after the tool turns off to clean the hose).  The included antistatic hose helps protect against electric shocks, and dust residue is less likely to cling to the inside of the hose.

The self-cleaning S 200 Dust Extractor uses iPulse sensor technology to monitor both filters and applies a powerful 300g vibration force for 3.5 seconds to only one filter at a time and only when needed, resulting in consistently optimal air flow and avoiding redundant noise.  The filters are certified for 99.9% filtration (reliably removing of all types of class M dust) and are nano-coated to reduce clogging by fibrous dust.

The included 52 Gallon Container comes with a spiral hose guard to prevent kinking and two 52 Gallon Chip Bags with a window to see the chip level inside.  And in addition to the 52 gallon container, the S 200 Dust Extractor also includes a durable plastic 9.2 gallon container so it can be used as a smaller shop vacuum.


Dry container capacity: 52 gal
Wet container capacity: 8.4 gal
Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 23"
Airflow: 129 CFM
Vacuum pressure: 3.5 psi
Hose diameter: 1-1/16"
Motor: 230 V
Current: 5.2 A
Weight: 84 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • 52 Gallon Container
  • Nano-Coated Filters (Pair)
  • 13.1 ft Anti-Static Hose LW-27
  • Plastic Disposable Bag
  • 26.2 ft Cord


  • Replacement bags, filters, hoses, and other accessories are available below
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