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About Us

We are the timber framing, log building and post & beam industries' best source for specialty power tools, supplying the broadest selection of big timber power tools available anywhere.

TIMBERWOLF TOOLS offers a full line of power tools including chain and slot mortisers, large capacity circular saws, chain beam saws, a variety of planers, tenon cutters, drills and drill guides, wheel brush sanders, and portable band saws.

At TIMBERWOLF TOOLS, we are committed to the highest level of customer service and our knowledgeable and friendly associates have extensive experience in the use of the tools listed in this web-site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our power tools are ready for immediate delivery. With accessories, bits, chains, blades and replacement parts fully stocked to keep your tools operating at peak performance, we are confident you will enjoy your power tools from TIMBERWOLF TOOLS for many years to come.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy viewing our site.

To Contact Us

By Mail:
Timberwolf Tools
P.O. Box 25
Newry, ME 04261

Our offices and demonstration area are located at:

Timberwolf Tools
2 Wilderness Drive
Newry, ME 04261

By Electronic Mail:

By Telephone:

Toll Free: 800-869-4169 (from USA and Canada)
Direct: 603-326-6033 (connects to our toll free number)
Fax: 207-824-4170

Our Crew


David Powell
David is the President of Timberwolf Tools. He has been leading the company for 8 years as it has transitioned from a two page catalogue with Makita tools and tracking sales/inventory in Excel spreadsheets to what it is today -- a secure Internet company offering seven of the world's finest timber framing tool lines on a highly developed web site with an active shopping cart. While he is the "systems guy" behind the scenes, David also really enjoys working with customers and helping them obtain the right tool for their application.

Prior to Timberwolf Tools, David traveled extensively working for the DuPont Company. In all, he spent 20 years in the electronics industry on projects that involved chemistry and Kevlar fiber. After 3 million frequent flier miles, it was finally time to settle down in Freeport and so he became involved in leading Timberwolf Tools.

Outside of work, David is an active player of tennis and golf, enjoys motorcycle rides through the countryside, hikes many Maine and NH mountains, and skis whenever possible at Sunday River and Sugarloaf mountains. He has a wonderful family with two grown sons, a fantastic wife and a meaningful faith life. In between all the adventures, David is rarely found without a camera catching breath-taking scenery around Maine.

Andrew Powell
Andrew is the Shipping and Receiving Manager at Timberwolf Tools, which means that he gets to touch every tool, accessory and part at least 3 times before it ends up in your hands. He operates the Fedex shipping software, processes Invoices and makes sure that your tools are safely double boxed and contain the proper paperwork. With a near photographic memory, there is no one better suited than Andrew to remember all of our customers and the precise location of our parts. On the busy days, Andrew gets plenty of help from his colleagues since his job can be the pressure point when the Fedex driver is about to arrive.

An active sports fan, Andrew knows all the statistics and details about NBA players. Although basketball is his passion, he also follows the Red Sox and Steelers during the off-season. Andrew enjoys playing basketball, tennis and golf, and is often found on the double black diamonds at Sunday River over the winter. He loves cars and would own 10 of his favorites if he could just afford them! So please order more tools!!

Kate Libby
Kate is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Timberwolf Tools, where she has been a part of the team for nearly 5 years. Growing up the daughter of Timber Framer John Libby, she never expected that she would be working in this industry, but it has found a significant place in her heart. Every time you see a printed ad, pick up a catalogue, go on the website, place an order online, or receive a Christmas card or mass email; Kate's creative energy has been at work. Even though she spends a lot of time on the computer, talking to customers and helping them find the best tools to fit their projects is what she likes to do best.

Before coming to work at Timberwolf Tools, Kate lived in Massachusetts on the North Shore where she worked as a teacher. Upon receiving an offer of employment from Timberwolf Tools, the decision was not difficult to move back to her home state of Maine.

When she is not working at Timberwolf Tools, she is known as "The Mary Kay Lady" in town; teaching skin care and working with other women (and she has men's skin care too!). She loves spending time with her family out on Matinicus Island, which is 22 miles off the coast of Rockland, Maine. Traveling extensively, singing, and staying involved in her church are among just a few items which top her list of favorite things to do.

Marc Boutan
Marc is the Product Manager at Timberwolf Tools, beginning his work with the company in the summer of 2007. He is likely to answer the phone when you call with questions or to place orders. Marc is in charge of demonstrating the tools in our shop for walk-in customers, and has a lot of technical knowledge regarding all of the tools. He is also responsible for overseeing the process of getting tools repaired and returned in a timely fashion (fortunately this is a rare activity given the high quality tools we sell!) He often helps with the shipping and packaging of tools along with Andrew.

A carpenter turned preacher, Marc was in full time carpentry for seven years, with five of those years at Houses & Barns by John Libby in timber framing construction. He remembers a time when mortising required a 2" auger on a large drill and was around to witness the arrival of the first Makita 7104 mortising machine imported from Japan. It was a thrill. While in carpentry, Marc did new construction as well as barn restorations.

He then spent the next sixteen years in full time Christian ministry, keeping his hand in carpentry all the while. Because Marc is fluent in French, three of those years were spent living in Brussels, Belgium serving at an Anglican Church. While he is still a priest in the Episcopal Church, Marc was eager to return to construction by way of tool sales.

Marc and his wife Trish have been married for over thirty years, and they have two grown children. They enjoy pursuing God, kayaking, traveling, organic gardening, baking the best pies, and fixing up their old house together.

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