Mafell DSS 300cc Insulation Saw

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Mafell DSS 300cc Insulation Saw is available to buy in increments of 1

The Mafell DSS 300cc is a unique wire saw for cutting pressure-resistant and flexible wood fiber insulating materials.  Precision cutting for a perfect fit improves building insulation, eliminates thermal bridges and thus prevents structural damage.  The DSS 300cc is instrumental in ensuring that insulation work is performed with the utmost efficiency.

Perfect interaction of all system components and innovative details, including the cutting wire, carbon guide fin and chip sweepers, achieve a high-precision cut.  This integrated system, when used with the S 200 high-capacity extractor and ST 1700 Vario workbench, is simply unbeatable.

Given the appropriate accessories, insulating materials can be cut precisely in an almost infinite number of ways.  The compact and highly flexible workbench allows you to work with extreme accuracy, even when making very long cuts.  A more pleasant working atmosphere and ease of handling are ensured by the powerful high-capacity extractor.

There are two versions of the DSS 300cc to choose from.  The "Saw Only" version comes with the Standard Equipment listed below.  Mafell's recommended version also includes the Workbench + Extractor + Holder + Clamps.

Learn more about the DSS 300's many uses in Mafell's DSS 300cc Brochure and online videos.


Cutting depth at 0°: 12"
Cutting depth at 45°: 8-1/8"
Cutting depth at 60°: 5-9/16"
Cutting width: 1/4"
Tilt range side: 0 to 60°
Tilt range rear: 0 to 45°
Nominal speed - no load: 4,700 rpm
Motor: 230 V
Current: 8 A
Weight: 18.2 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • Two DSS-SR Cutting Wires
  • DSS-DZ Double-Sided Toothed Belt
  • Auxiliary Rest/Glider
  • Two K-Fix Cable Covers
  • 13.1 ft Cord
  • Metal Carrying Case


  • Guide rails, workbench, dust extractor, and other accessories are available below
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