ARUNDA Dovetail System

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  • Quickly produces strong and reliable joints
  • Easy to use by customers who have limited timber framing or pergola building equipment and experience
  • Compatible with 230 V Mafell LO 65Ec Hand Router (MidiMAX version recommended)

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ARUNDA Dovetail System is available to buy in increments of 1
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ARUNDA Dovetail System
ARUNDA Dovetail System

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    What usually comes to mind when you think of dovetails in wood is quality craftsmanship and superior joinery strength.  That kind of woodwork is costly because it takes time and skill to achieve.  But that's where the ARUNDA dovetail system can help.

    Here's how it works.  The ARUNDA system uses a male jig to cut the dovetail tenon and a female jig to create the dovetail mortise.  The cutting is done with the powerful Mafell LO 65Ec Hand Router coupled with the ARUNDA dovetail router bit.

    Imagine how solid a floor system with dovetailed floor joists would be.  It's not hard to fabricate with the ARUNDA jigs.  In fact, the ARUNDA dovetail system is a faster way to make strong timber frame systems.  Don't let the simplicity fool you, though.  The ARUNDA design has been carefully studied from an engineering standpoint to maximize workloads.

    Although ARUNDA jigs come in several sizes, one size usually fits your most common applications.  The jigs are available with either a fixed fence (the B series) for 90° cuts, or with an adjustable tilting fence (the N series) for angled cuts.

    A complete set includes the male and female jigs, a dovetail router bit with reversible blades installed, an extra pair of Reversible Blades, an expansion plate to be fitted on the router, a depth gauge to properly install the dovetail bit on the router, a guide ring that fits on the router and screwdrivers for assembly.

    The chart below recommends the best ARUNDA plates for your timber sizes:

    To see how the ARUNDA dovetail system can be used to make roof systems, click here.

    For additional information on applications for the N series ARUNDA adjustable tilting jigs, click here.

    ARUNDA evaluated several routers and determined that the Mafell LO 65Ec MidiMAX has the optimum performance.  It meets all the design features of the strict ARUNDA specifications.  Click here for more information about the LO 65Ec Hand Router.  Also of interest, read reasons to use the Mafell LO 65Ec with the ARUNDA dovetail system.

    ARUNDA jigs are made of indestructible galvanized steel, not light materials such as aluminum.  Learn more about the quality of ARUNDA materials here.


    Speed: 8 to 18 dovetail mortise/tenon joints per hour
    Ease of use: Requires little work space to use the jig; easy to set up and move from one beam to the next
    Precision: The timbers are drawn solidly together by the self-tightening dovetail joinery
    Flexibility: Can be used on perpendicular joints (floor joists) or angled joints (roof systems)
    Versatility: Usable on a wide range of timber widths (from 1-3/4" to 12") and can be used for new construction as well as for restoration work
    Time-Saving: Same router bit is used to make both mortise and tenon parts
    Quality: Produces tight-fitting, strong assembly
    Strength: Workloads of up to 4,620 lbs per joint
    Mobility: Just as easy to use in the workshop as on the job site
    Economy: Less expensive, more satisfying and more authentic than metal connectors

    Standard Equipment

    • Jigs for Male and Female Dovetails
    • Dovetail Bit with Two Reversible Carbide Blades
    • Guide Ring for Router
    • Expansion Plate for Router
    • Positioning Gauge for Setting Dovetail Depth
    • One Additional Pair of Reversible Carbide Blades for the Dovetail Bit


    • Additional blades, clamps and replacement dovetail bit are available below
    • 75% of ARUNDA customers also order a pair of Clamps (sold individually)
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