I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Fall!  This is easily my favorite season.  Beautiful foliage.  Moderate temperatures.  All major sports on TV.  Important elections.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

And the phone keeps ringing with excellent questions and feedback from our customers like you!  We have some key updates today for both large and small tools, as well as some exciting family news!

Misty mountain view this morning from Step Falls in Newry, Maine

NEW Mafell Tools in North America

Timberwolf’s cordless suite keeps growing:  we now have the Mafell ASB 18M bl Cordless Hammer Drill Driver in stock.  This drill packs all the features of the A 18M bl Cordless Drill Driver we launched earlier this year, plus a hammer function with 38,950 blows per minute for concrete and masonry drilling applications.  Both of these drills work in Mafell BST Drilling Stations with WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger Bits.  The hammer version is a marginal price upgrade, but the non-hammer version has a smaller design that is 7 ounces lighter.  Your choice!


Looking for a more portable work table?  We now have the Mafell MA 730 T-MAX Workstation in stock!  This clever system stacks on top of your "T-Loc" or MAFELL-MAX systainers with foldaway arms that can be arranged in a variety of formats and then stored away in the included carrying case:


Also, Mafell just launched new 7" Quick Clamps for their Guide Rail System!  These are faster than the old screw clamps and work on larger timbers, which is great news for large saw users such as the Mafell MKS 185Ec Circular Saw.  Here is a German video showing several other features as well:

Correction from our last email:  the popular new Mafell S 35 HEPA Dust Extractor has 157 CFM airflow and 3.7 psi vacuum pressure thanks to a more powerful turbine (not 129 CFM and 3.5 psi as the old literature listed).  Bank error in your favor!  And the optional massive 52 Gallon Container is now in stock as well.

Faster FedEx Shipping for Small Boxes

Some of you might have noticed you are getting packages faster than before.  That’s because FedEx now allows us to upgrade certain small packages from GROUND to 2-DAY EXPRESS for no extra cost.

This applies to customers in the ORANGE ZONE in the map below (who previously received packages in 3-7 days using FedEx Ground).  Small packages that qualify include 7.5” Drill Bits, Mortising Chains and Dust Bags for example.

Customers in the BLUE ZONE will continue to receive packages in two business days, and folks in the PINK ZONE will continue to receive packages in one business day.  Please call us at 1-800-869-4169 if you ever have questions about expedited shipping!

See You at the Timber Framers Guild!

David and Andrew look forward to seeing you October 19th through the 21st in Virginia Beach for the 2018 TIMBER FRAMERS GUILD CONFERENCE – EAST.  We’ll demonstrate our most popular tools, with noticeably less sawdust this year thanks to the new dust extractors!  Let us know if there are any special tools you would like to see in action.

More Customers Love their Mafell Portable Band Saws and ARUNDA Dovetail Systems!

It’s not a surprise, and yet we never get tired of hearing about how much our customers love their tools—especially when they send us photos of their work!  Brice Stater in Amarillo, Texas shared these kind words and elegant truss photos showing what he can now easily accomplish with his Portable Band Saw and Dovetail System:

"In the past with a 6x12 sitting on my saw horse I used a jigsaw to cut the pattern on the end of my beams.  Then flip it over and cut again hoping the cuts lined up.  Then sanding for 30 mins.  Now I can cut 10 beams with cuts on both ends in that same time.  How?  I have a Mafell Z5Ec 12" Portable Band SawMass production!!!  Perfect cuts every time.  Must have machine."

"As soon as my ARUNDA 80N Dovetail System arrived at the shop, I had a big job to do with it.  I was a little nervous since the Arunda isn't like anything else we use in The Pergola Shop, and this was a big job in a city park.  I was happy with how easy it was to learn the system.  Then when we installed the rafters, I could not believe how fast we were able to install the structure.  We had several people stop to watch the install, and they were amazed at how fast it went up.  All our ridge joints were perfect.  We had to get this project engineered.  The engineer loved the dove tails.  If you want to take your work to the next level, you need the Arunda."

To help lower the up-front cost of these major tool purchases, Marlin Equipment Finance has put together a special 2018 rate for our most popular financing package:  the Mafell Z5Ec 12" 120V Portable Band Saw with a 10-Pack of Front & Rear-Cutting Blades and FedEx Ground shipping:

For more information on financing tools with Marlin, check out our Financing Blog Post and don't hesitate to call Vince Capriotti at 1-856-505-4416.

It’s A Girl!

Lucy Katherine Powell became the newest member of the Timberwolf Tools family in September!  Everyone is healthy and happy:  baby weighed 8 lbs, same as the compact Mafell KSS 40 Cordless Saw  :)  The Maine Powells made the 20-hour drive to Illinois in one day to see their first granddaughter and keep the company running smoothly while Jeff enjoyed a couple weeks of paternity leave.  I think she has her Grady’s ears!

We’re praying for a safe baby Bozonelos delivery later this year as well!  George and his wife have a second boy on the way so he’ll be out of pocket for a few weeks.

Thank you for your orders and the beautiful woodwork that you create!

Jeff Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
Toll free:  1-800-869-4169