Mafell KSS 40 18M bl Cordless Cross-Cutting System

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  • Ultimate portability at only 8 lbs with battery pack, comes with carrying case
  • Up to 1-9/16" cutting depth and 11-13/16" cutting length on cross-cutting track
  • Powerful 6,700 rpm brushless motor

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Mafell KSS 40 18M bl Cordless Cross-Cutting System is available to buy in increments of 1

The world’s most portable track saw is now here in North America!  Mafell’s cordless KSS 40 18M bl is the ultimate saw for difficult-to-reach rooftops, walk-up apartment buildings, and moving around outdoors where extension cords simply aren’t practical.  At only 8 pounds, this nimble tool is the lightest battery-powered cross-cutting system on the market.  We love using these saws around our own houses for trim work!  The special aluminum 11-13/16" cross-cutting track is second to none:  allowing for fast and perfect cross-cuts at any diagonal from -45° to 60° with smart stops at important markers such as 0 degrees for square cuts.  The included dust bag captures an impressive majority of dust (so you can stop lugging those heavy vacuums and awkward hoses around).  Mobility is further enhanced by Mafell’s award-winning Flexi-Guide FX140, which unrolls into a 4.5’ track-on-the-go, and easily rolls back up to fit in the 16” x 12” x 13” T-MAX carrying case.  The batteries and charger also fit in this compact systainer—no problem!  Battery charge level can be easily viewed anytime with the press of a button, and another button releases the battery for quick changes.  Most users are able to cut with the KSS 40 18M bl all day long using two or three batteries and the convenient 120 V charger.

The KSS 40 18M bl is modeled after the power and precision of Mafell’s corded KSS 300 Cross-Cutting System, and our experienced customers who have used both saws say there is no discernible power difference between the corded and cordless.  That’s because Mafell implemented the best brushless 18 V Lithium-ion battery technology:  processor-controlled to monitor temperature and battery charge, and compatible with state of the art Metabo batteries.  This new KSS generation even features a powerful blade brake when you release the trigger.  For fine-cutting and ease, the plastic splinter guard on the cross-cutting track represents your exact cutting line whether at 0 or 45 degrees.  And no Mafell saw cuts closer to a wall – shadow gaps are as small as 13mm (about 1/2").  The best saw for a carpenter is always the smallest saw that can do the job, so there is simply no better saw for cutting plywood or Two-by lumber at 0°.

There are two versions of the KSS 40 18M bl to choose from.  The “PURE” version is available for users who already have the compatible Mafell/Metabo Batteries and Charger, whereas the Complete KSS 40 18M bl comes with two Mafell 94 watt-hour batteries, the 120 V charger and Flexi-Guide.


Cutting depth at 0° on track: 0 to 1-9/16"
Cutting depth at 45° on track: 0 to 1-1/16"
Cutting depth at 0° off track: 0 to 1-5/8"
Cutting depth at 45° off track: 0 to 1-1/8"
Tilt range: 0 to 45°
Saw blade diameter: 4-11/16"
Nominal speed - no load: 6,700 rpm
Battery: 18 V, Li-Ion
Charger: 120 V / 60 Hz
Weight with battery and track: 8 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • Guide Track 300  (11-13/16")
  • 24T Cross-Cutting Carbide Blade
  • Parallel Guide Fence
  • Hose Connector
  • Dust Bag
  • Allen Key
  • T-MAX Carrying Case


*Please note when using the Mafell Guide Rail System:  KSS 40 18M bl cuts up to 1-3/16" deep and cannot tilt, so bevel cuts should be made on the Guide Track 300 or Flexi-Guide

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