More and more timber framers are integrating dovetail joinery into their structures due to the quality and performance of this type of connection.  By combining a Mafell LO 65Ec Router and ARUNDA set of precision, steel fixtures, you can quickly and accurately produce male and female dovetail joints, which are easy to install on-site.  Every one of our customers who has invested in an ARUNDA system and Mafell router is totally convinced that it is a fantastic system that produces high performance connections.

Since the Timber Framers Guild is always interested in new technologies, as well as tried-and-true traditional mortise and tenons, dovetail joints will be tested for strength at the upcoming Conference in Burlington, VT from August 8-11.  If you are "Dovetailer", the testers are looking for samples to break.  Just call Mack Magee of Fire Tower Engineered Timber at 401-441-5217 for details about the dovetail samples.

Mafell Router

Check out this link for more information about ARUNDA and to see a compelling video:  ARUNDA Dovetail System Video

Give us a call if you would like a more thorough explanation the ARUNDA systems.

We hope to see you in beautiful Vermont next month!

David Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
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The annual Timber Frame Guild meeting is scheduled for August 8-11 in Burlington, VT.  We will be there with loads of tools for you to see and test, including ARUNDA and many Mafell, Makita, HEMA and other tools!

For more information, click here:  TF Guild Conference in Burlington, VT