Have you ever wanted to drive across the country and see America?  I've wanted to for 35 years but never gave myself the time to do so.  With two able bodies and minds in Chicago (Jeff and George) with lots of energy and skills, now is finally the time to hit the road.

This trip will likely be the first of many taken by Andrew, Joyce and I.  If you're not on our North Western path, your time will come in the near future.  Future trips will be around New England, throughout the South and the West Coast.  When the next Timber Framers Guild conference occurs in Sept 2016, there will all be opportunities to travel around VT and upper NY State.  A trip to Canada is also part of our future.

This first trip will take us through CT, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, UT, AZ, CO and perhaps some other States on our way home.  Pondering this trip, I was wondering how many customers we would drive by and if anyone would like to see or demo the tools we sell.  Since we have been in business for 32 years, we have a large customer base of approximately 20,000 customers across the USA and Canada.  I decided to plot where our customers are located in the States we will visit, and this is what I found:

Where are you?

We have the following timber framing tools with us:

ARUNDA 80N Dovetail System
Mafell LO-65Ec (230v) router for the ARUNDA system
Mafell Z5Ec (120v) portable band saw
Mafell ZSX-400Q (120v) beam saw and Universal Guide
Mafell LS-103Ec (120v) and FG-150 chain mortiser - 1.5"
Mafell LS-103Ec (120v) and SG-230 slot mortiser - 11mm (3/8")
Mafell BST-460S drill stand and Bosch 1034VSR 1/2" drill

We have the following cabinet making and general carpentry tools with us:

Mafell MF-26cc/400 (120v) groove cutter and drywall cutter
Mafell MT-55cc (120v) plunge/track saw
Mafell F-160 and F-110 tracks and accessories
Mafell P1cc (120v) jig saw
Mafell DD-40P (120v) Duo Dowler
Mafell KSS-300 (120v) cross-cutting system

All of these tools are available for demonstration.  Just let us know if you would like us to stop by your shop or work site some time over the next 5 weeks.

In mid-March, I was able to spend a week in Europe at both ARUNDA and Mafell AG.  Even after representing these great brands of tools for nearly 10 years, I learned so many new points during training sessions.  I would be glad to share them with our faithful customer base during this trip.  I was also able to attend the largest trade show in Europe for cabinet makers called Holz-Handwerk.  Mafell had a huge booth with all of their tools being demonstrated to the 110,000 attendees over 4 days.  Here are some photos taken the first morning before all the customers arrived:

German Master Carpenters enjoying biers at the Mafell trade booth

In the middle of our trip, we look forward to visiting Yellowstone, Glacier, and Bryce Canyon National Parks.  With grizzly bears waking up after a long winter hibernation, you never know how the Mafell tools are going to come in handy!

Hope you are enjoying Spring!  Let me know if you would like us to stop by.


David Powell and the Timberwolf Tools family
Toll free: 800-869-4169