Since we launched the Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter in North America last year, it has been really encouraging to hear from our customers who are leveraging this tool in their respective industries.  Here are some recent examples that you might find intriguing:

-A commercial drywall company is using multiple MF26cc/400's along with the new 15mm MF-GF 90 degree cutter head and F-160 guide rails to mass-produce foldable 5/8" fire code drywall.

-Multiple customers are using the MF26cc/400 to make dado grooves in wood.  They have found that this is much faster and more accurate than using a traditional router:  no other 120v portable power tool makes such precise dados up to 1" wide by 1" deep.

-Another customer is using the 12.5mm MF-GF 90 degree cutter head to make V-grooves in softwood door panels, allowing them to quickly create old fashioned California shutters with simulated V-groove butt joints.

Please keep sending us your ideas!  With so many different applications, it's very likely that this tool could provide your team with a competitive edge in 2016.  Below I have included the rest of the MF26cc/400 information we sent last year in case you missed it.

Hope you are surviving the crazy political season!

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It's a good season for you tool gurus out there:  Mafell has combined several of their top tools into one, along with many other cool features...

Mafell NFU 32 Groove Cutter + Mafell MT 55cc plunge cut saw + Mafell KSS400 Cross Cutting Track Saw =
Powerful grooving & routing Cleanliness, safety & precision Cross cutting speed & ease

Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter

THE RESULT:  Mafell's MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter!

This NEW "transformer" of a tool has been making waves in Europe, and now you can be one of the first to own the MF26cc/400 in convenient 120V power.  We can also get the multi-cutter for you in 230V if you call us at 1-800-869-4169.

Today we'd like to walk you through 7 different applications of the MF26cc/400.  Yes, seven!  (Optimus Prime might not actually do justice to the multi-cutter, since he could only transform into a few types of trucks).  Here follows the list, and we're sure our customers will think up many other innovative uses:

Mafell MC-26cc/400 Groove cuttingGroove Cutting
One of the MF26cc/400's standard features is its expanding groove cutter MF-VN 25, which is able to cut grooves up to 1" deep when using a track (and up to 5/4" off a track).  You can choose widths between 5/8" and 15/16" by adjusting rings on the cutter head.  Timber framers and log builders can use this groove cutter for housings, specialty barn doors, and hidden wiring in big timbers.  Carpenters can easily make dados for wooden stairs and shelves, while electricians can make curved and straight service ducts in soft fiberboard.  The MF26cc/400 can even start a groove in the middle of your material by using its plunging mechanism and the Rail Stop F-RS accessory.

Track Sawing
The MF26cc/400 functions as an excellent circular saw even if its other applications aren't needed that day.  Its 1400W CUprex-Compact motor has the same power and variable speed control as Mafell's popular MT55cc plunge/track saw.  Like the groove cutter, you can saw a variety of materials up to 1" thick on a track and 5/4" off a track.  It comes standard with a 24-tooth cross-cutting blade, and we have accessory blades for fine-cutting and ripping available.  The MF26cc/400 actually uses the same saw blades as Mafell's KSS 300 cross cutting system if you already have that tool in your shop.

Cross Cutting
The MF26cc/400's many applications can all be enhanced using its 15-3/4" cross-cutting track (which comes standard) or Mafell's accessory guide rails.  Attaching and detaching the MF26cc/400 from its cross-cutting track is easy.  Once attached, a bungee cord automatically returns the MF26cc/400 to its starting position after each cross-cut.  "Smart" stops on the bottom of the track can be easily adjusted for precisely square or angled cross cuts.

Mafell MC-26cc/400 Wallboard FoldingWallboard Folding
Probably my favorite application:  the MF-GF Accessory Cutter Heads make angled grooves in wallboard for precise 45 or 90 degree folding.  Up until now, this kind of work was only possible using a stationary machine or a router (and very tedious), but now you can produce wallboards yourself.  Watch your drywall friends jump back out of instinct when you start up your MF26cc/400 and put it to plaster, only to find that the enclosed cover and your vacuum system captures nearly all the dust.  Yes, you can wear black jeans during use!  Also note:  the MF-GF 90 cutter head can also be used to chamfer wood up to 9/16" thick (15mm).

Mafell MC-26cc/400 Aluminum EdgesAluminum Edges
The MF-AF 90 and 135 accessory cutters allow you to make V-grooves up to 5/16" deep in aluminum composites:  forming accurate edges in facade construction, sign boards, and building entrances.  These cutter heads come with a ramp-shaped chip deflector that keeps you from going up and down over aluminum shavings.  The glider on the side of the MF26cc/400 helps balance the tool's weight to make sure you don't go too deep, and this glider is adjustable to work both on and off a rail.  The tool's fine depth adjuster really shines when cutting thin aluminum materials with no margin for error.

Mafell MC-26cc/400 Bending BoardsBending Boards
Three slots can be quickly cut in a single pass using the MF-SE 3 Slotting Head.  With this accessory, you can easily customize your own curved drywall or fiberboard elements.  Just mark your work and make cuts at 1-3/8" intervals.  For smaller radius curves, follow up with the MF26cc/400 in-between your initial slots.  This is a much better solution than buying bendy MDF board that has grooves where you don't need them.

Narrow Ripping
With the multi-cutter's Roller Edge Guide MF-UA accessory, you can make narrow rip cuts without using a guide rail, giving you an extra 6 mm (1/4") of cutting depth.  The Roller edge guide also works with Mafell's MT55cc plunge cut saw and KSS 60cc cross cutting system.  And on a related note:  the MF26cc/400 comes standard with a Parallel fence for ripping that also works with Mafell's MT55cc and KSS 400 saws.

1-1/16" to 3-1/2" 1-1/8" to 9-5/8"

Highlights of the MF26cc/400 across all its applications:

Cleanliness:  Typical routers spray dust to the sides, but the MF26cc/400 has a closed housing and sends dust upwards to its vacuum port.

Precision:  You can pre-adjust the cutting depth within 1 mm whether you are using a rail or not.  Then it has fine adjustment where 1/2 of a screw turn equals 1/2 of a millimeter.

Safety:  Has an auto-shutoff if it reaches its power limit.  Opening the housing automatically engages the starting switch lockout.

Portability:  Comes in a very nice red Mafell carrying case (see below).

Jack of all trades, master of ALL

When I was growing up, I recall it was good to be a "Jack of all trades."  Later on I started hearing people add the phrase "master of none" to this figure of speech, and it started to carry a negative connotation for me.  I started seeing examples of this in the real world as well.  For instance, it was harder for my friends with liberal arts degrees to find jobs than it was for my friends who had accounting degrees.  And to stay competitive in the current global economy, many business leaders now hyper-specialize their firms so that their expertise separates themselves from the competition.

However, as more and more people go this route, I'm sure many of you have found that truly distinguishing yourselves from the competition means having a diverse portfolio of services to offer customers and the vision to gracefully interweave these various trades into a cohesive project.  So with that in mind, I have no problem praising the MF26cc/400 as a "Jack of all trades, master of ALL."  Anyone who has used Mafell tools knows they always masterfully tackle their niches.

If you didn't see the YouTube video I emailed out late last year, it does a great job showing some MF26cc/400's uses:

You can also see more pictures of the multi-cutter's handiwork in the very nice official brochure.

For more information on this new tool, please view:
Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter on
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Thank you all for reading another Timberwolf Tools email!  We get really excited and nerdy about new tools (ergo the Transformers references) so I hope it was informative for your team.  Please feel free to share this info with your friends in the industry who might be interested in the MF26cc/400.  And as always, call us anytime with questions!

Finally, a big congratulations to Jeff Arvin on being selected as the new Executive Director of the Timber Framers Guild!  I will sleep better at night knowing that there is a Jeff at the helm of the Guild, especially one so experienced in timber framing.  We look forward to your future success!

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