By popular demand, we want to provide you with an exposé on the world's top jigsaw:  the Mafell P1cc.

Perhaps you use a jigsaw on every project, or maybe it's been years since you touched one.  Either way, we encourage you to consult your industry peers here about this dynamic tool and its potential application for your business.

Mafell P1cc Jigsaw

Let's start with this great P1cc video below created by one of our customers:

"I shot a video this last weekend of the P1cc in action that I wanted to share... this saw cuts as well as or better than my cabinet saw.  I am blown away at the accuracy of this machine... I still cannot believe how well it cuts.  This saw has turned me into a Mafell fan for sure and you and everyone at Timberwolf I have talked to has been a pleasure to work with... certainly appreciate your patience as I ask a zillion questions."

Highlights of this stellar tool:

Unlike other jigsaws that use a support behind the blade to guide the blade, there is no guide on a Mafell P1cc.  The blade just floats in space.  Therefore, you would think that the blade would deflect or wander, but it is actually quite the opposite.  It requires an incredibly strong up-and-down driving system to make this work.  Traditional blade guides cause lots of friction, heat up the blade, and then it flexes and often breaks.  The blade on a P1cc is perfectly cool after cutting, resulting in lower long-term cost of blades.

Secondly, the P1cc has a smart oscillating system.  Jigsaws cut by going up and down, but also forward and back (oscillation).  The P1cc blade only begins to oscillate when it encounters pressure (when you begin to cut).  Most jigsaws over cut the line when you get to the end of a cut, but the P1cc stops precisely in place when the pressure on it stops.

Finally, the P1cc has a really powerful motor so it cuts through just about anything effortlessly.  You can turn the blade around and cut going backwards, and the dust extraction system is better, by far, than any other jigsaw.

The P1cc has been on the market for about 3 years in Germany, but sales have grown much more quickly in only the last 1.5 years in the USA and Canada.  Since it is made by Mafell in Germany, it is expensive ($795.00 USD for the 120 V version) but worth every penny according to all of our customers.

Base Plate

Other P1cc testimonials from Timberwolf Tools customers:

"The Mafell P1cc Jigsaw has completely exceeded my expectations.  Handheld band saw would be a more accurate name for it than lumping it in with all the other tools that we know by the name of "jigsaw".  I have not only found the cuts to be perfectly square in thick and thin materials but I also save money on blades because they don't heat up like they do in traditional jigsaws that use the back roller and blade jaws for guidance.  The lack of heat also leaves the cut burn free."
-James Henrie, 7 Construction LLC. Provo, Utah

"The Mafell P1cc is simply the very best jigsaw that I have ever owned.  Yes, it's expensive, but because I expect it to out-last my previous three jigsaws combined, it's a great value.  Having A-B tested the best jigsaws on the market, I concluded that this saw has the least vibration, is the easiest to control, has the most power, and has the fastest and easiest blade change."
-James Finn, owner, James Finn Design

"I always used to have Bosch jigsaws.  They were the standard and would cut straight pretty well, but for curves not so well, especially anything thicker than 3/4.  I already had the Mafell MT55cc and KSS 300, which are both out of this world and completely change the way I work.  Based on that, I decided to buy the P1cc Jigsaw.  The power and accuracy that the saw brings makes it so useful for a much wider variety of jobs then a regular jigsaw."
-Pontus Hanson, Hanson Carpentry

Base Plate

"Let me start by saying, this is a 900w jigsaw and it cuts dead straight!!!!  There is no fiddling with blade guides or gimmicky accessories.  This is quite possibly the only real, reliable jigsaw on the market, though it could pass for a handheld band saw in the shape of a jigsaw.  I've resawn 3 1/2" lumber accurately and with ease.  The only jigsaw where you can flip the blade in the opposite direction, giving you maximum base support when cutting from underneath your material.  Add the tilting base and you can scribe from underneath the material on a bevel, effortlessly.  The standard base is crafted with precision, the sides machined to be perfectly parallel with the blade, meaning you can run it along any straight edge with perfect results.  Both bases are compatible with Mafell's superior guide rails and can be utilized in a variety of configurations depending on your needs.  An internal blower clears your cutline of dust and if the need is there it can also be hooked up to your portable dust extractor.  It includes a brilliant edge guide that can also be used as a trammel arm or in conjunction with Mafell's guide rails and all of this fits into one little box.  There is not one aspect of this package that is not engineered to the highest standard.  In all likelihood you'll end up chopping your old jigsaw to bits with this one.  By far the best jigsaw on the market and probably the last one you'll ever need."
-Matt Ricordi, Carpenter, Toronto Canada

"I've finally discovered a jigsaw that consistently leaves a square cut and doesn't burn blades. Thanks Mafell!"
-Kris Wood, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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