CUnex W1 Curve-Cutting Blades (Pair)

Compatible with the following Mafell tool:
P1cc Jigsaw

CUnex W1 Curve-Cutting Blades (Pair) is available to buy in increments of 1
  • Mafell's CUnex W1 blades for the P1cc come in packs of 2 pieces and cut wood up to 2-1/2" deep
  • This is the best blade for materials less than 5/4" thickness and for tight curves (because the CUnex W1 is actually two blades fused together and slightly tapered toward the back)
  • For material greater than 5/4", the thinner W+P2 and W3 blades are recommended
  • Because the CUnex W1 blades are double-wide, they will cut a wider groove in the one splinter guard supplied with the P1cc, so an extra pack of Splinter Guards P1-SS is recommended for switching between various blades
  • One blade comes standard with the P1cc Jigsaw
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