We sell a lot of great timber framing tools.  Each one offers unique capabilities that are valuable to the talented timber framers we serve.  Some tools, however, are real game changers and the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Chain Beam Saw fits into that category.

Over and over again, we hear from timber framers saying they are so glad they purchased a Mafell ZSX Ec/400 to build their large timber trusses.  While large diameter circular saws have traditionally been the tool of choice for cutting large timbers, the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 almost makes circular saws obsolete since it makes clean and precise straight, angled or miter cuts in big timbers in a single pass... up to 15-11/16" deep!

Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Chain Beam Saw

The Mafell ZSX Ec/400 is especially appreciated by small crews of timber framers who do not have the benefits of operating in a large production shop with cranes and forklifts.  A Mafell chain beam saw can be conveniently taken to a site, enabling timbers to be cut where they are about to be raised.  Even in a production shop, the ZSX Ec/400 improves productivity and precision for even the most experienced timber framers.  It is just a great machine.

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To make the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 perform at its best, you really need a Mafell Universal Guide since it removes the uncertainty of trying to follow a line by eye.  90% of ZSX customers add the Universal Guide to their order for precise compound angles.

Compound Miter Cuts

For more information on this new saw, please view:
Mafell ZSX Ec/400 on Timberwolftools.com
or in the Mafell Online Catalog

When you are ready to put a Mafell chain beam saw to work in your business, you have a couple decisions to make.  This machine is available in both 120V and 230V versions.  And you can purchase a ZSX Ec/400 with either Steel Chains or Carbide Chains, and both have their unique advantages.  Give us a call at 1-800-869-4169 so we can discuss which machine is right for your business.

As we move into the summer months, this is a great time of year to invest in a chain beam saw.  As your timber framing business continues to grow, is now the right time to invest in a "game changing" new tool?

If the sticker price is too much for you, consider financing for about $280/month over 24 months.  In only two years, you will own this tool outright, and we are confident that you will "pay for it" in productivity gains in just a few months.  One Texas customer recently told me that he paid for his ZSX Ec/400HM in only three weeks!

Timberwolf Tools offers you the greatest timber framing tools in the world, accessories and parts to keep your machines running in top form, know-how about how to best use these tools, and several financing options.

As construction grows over the summer months, what can we do to help your business grow and prosper?

David Powell and the Timberwolf Team
Toll free:  800-869-4169

Precise Scale
The precise scale on the Mafell ZSX Ec/400

Precise Scale
Have you heard about the Mafell ZSX TWIN Ec Chain Beam Saw for ripping glulam panels?  Call us at 1-800-869-4169 for more information about this special new tool with dual motors for the most demanding applications.