Mafell DD40 POur customers are joinery pros.  A huge part of your work depends on joining materials together with strength, efficiency, and beauty.  For this reason, it's no surprise that both our fine woodworking and timber framing customers have taken an interest in Mafell's DD40P Duo Dowel System.  This is the ultimate tool for cabinets and shelves, and it excels at forming staircases, doors, and furniture as well.

Why a duo-doweler?  Dowels are inexpensive and produce very strong joints, but the tricky part is making the holes line up on each side of your material.  The DD40P eliminates this problem:  it drills two holes at once, 32mm (~1-1/4") apart, and up to 40mm (~1-9/16") deep.  Lining up your drilled holes is easy:  just press in one of the two retractable stop pins on the front of the DD40P, press your wood against the other stop pin, and proceed to drill your holes.  Repeat the mirror image for your other piece of wood, and the holes will line up perfectly every time (video below).

Here's what our customers are saying about this dynamic tool:

Mafell DD40 P"The DD40P has been a great addition to our tool lineup.  This one tool can handle tasks from joinery to boring for shelf pins.  The 800mm dowel template and 1600mm dowel template extension allow for precise placement of bores and accurate repeatability.  Mafell's quality has made us a lifetime customer - and there is a peace of mind that can be had knowing Timberwolf Tools and their knowledgeable staff are there to assist."

-Joshua F. Gallet, Kaplan, Louisiana

"We purchased a Mafell DD40P some time ago, and have really used it a lot, and found it to be a solid and accurate doweling tool!  We've had other brand doweling tools previously, and there is just no comparison in quality and ease of use.  We switch between the 5mm and 8mm bits most often.  The DD40P is a tool that's always on the bench and used every day in our custom shop.  Although it hurt a bit to buy, it's been a joy to use!  Jeff and his staff are a pleasure to work with, and we've always had great service and follow up.  Timberwolf Tools and Mafell are certainly high up on our list of preferred suppliers to do business with.  I look forward to my next tool buying experience."

-Richard Erb, Rockside Builders, Ltd. Saskatchewan

"I'm very happy with my DD40P.  I use it for many custom projects such as cabinetry, interior doors/trim, built-ins, and furniture.  It's a very precise tool, and huge time saver."

-Lee Thurber, Thurber and Son Builders, New Hampshire

"I recently purchased the DD40P Duo-dowel system.  It is a quality tool and it makes cabinet assembly very easy - I use it often.  I purchased the Mafell 800mm template as well.  It is a useful guide for drilling holes for adjustable shelving.  It makes it quick and accurate for wall units or bookcases.  I recommend this template to ease the job for adjustable shelving pinholes."

-Dimitrios, Master Builder & Design, Inc

"The Mafell DD40P has been a valuable addition to my tool inventory.  Powerful, durable and precise, it is as much at home in my workshop assembling cabinetry as it is on-site creating durable casing assemblies.  The template guides add tremendous versatility and utility to an already useful tool, allowing me to align and assemble large panels, as well as drilling rows of holes.  Excellent dust collection and storage in a Systainer ensures the DD40P fits in seamlessly with my other premium tools."

-Tom Gensmer, Heritage Home Renewals, Minnesota

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Question:  How does the DD40P compare to the "Domino" and "Biscuit" joiner competition out there?

Joint Strength

Dowels have the advantage of producing very strong joints:  there's no chance of lateral or rotational movement, which can happen to biscuits.  Glued biscuits have also been known to expand MDF board materials.  Dowels themselves are very strong and can easily outlast the materials you are joining.

Less Expensive

Dowels are cheap!  You can get high quality metric dowels from Chicago Dowel, Excel Dowel, and California Dowel for example.  Factor in the high up-front prices of the top biscuit joiners, and the Mafell DD40P stands alone as the most economical solution.

Mafell DD40 PPrecision

The DD40P is the clear winner for shelves, cabinets and sheet goods because of the precise 800mm Template.  Several of our customers prefer dowels over dominos simply because of this accessory.  And for tougher applications such as small furniture joints, the DD40P stays competitive with features such as auxiliary stops for near-edge drilling.

Mafell DD40 PErgonomics

Most customers tell us the DD40 is easier to control.  It has better height adjustment, an ideally positioned vacuum hose port, well-machined miter adjustment, and the tool switch turns off easily with a tap of your thumb.  The DD40P is especially speedy on small materials:  no clamping is necessary thanks to the supplied rubber anti-slip mats.

The Best German Engineering

The DD40P's powerful 1000W motor makes quick work of the toughest hardwoods, and the carbide-tipped bits offer long service life (and can be re-sharpened).  Like any Mafell tool, the metal and plastic castings are unrivaled in durability, allowing the DD40P to hold its value and remain a solid 20-30 year investment for your company.

Answer:  Other joinery systems have their place in the market, so in a perfect world you would have one of each in your shop.  But workflow and budgets are never perfect, so our customers wholeheartedly recommend starting with the Mafell DD40P Duo Dowel System.


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