Mafell KSS 60cc Cross-Cutting System

100% of 100
  • Fast and accurate cross-cutting up to 16" long
  • Up to 2-3/8" cutting depth on track
  • Powerful 14 amp CUprex Compact motor
  • Compatible with Mafell Guide Rail System

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Mafell KSS 60cc Cross-Cutting System is available to buy in increments of 1

Mafell's KSS 60cc stands at the apex of one-handed circular sawing.  Armed with a powerful 14 amp CUprex Compact motor and performance-optimized digital electronics, this new saw makes quick work of even the hardest woods up to 2-3/8" deep.  The long built-in 16" track, with its polyethylene bungee cable and adjustable smart stop, creates the fastest cross cuts at any angle up to 45 degrees.  The hard rubber edge of the aluminum guide shows the saw's cutting line whether tilting or not, and it prevents splintering on the top surface of the wood.  All this comes at a manageable 13.5 pounds:  freeing up the user's left hand to hold the workpiece steady.

Detach the cross-cutting track with the press of a button to virtually acquire the best skill saw in its class:  Mafell's K65cc!  When off the track, the saw gains 1/4" of cutting depth and sheds 3 lbs of weight while maintaining accuracy for long rip cuts using the parallel guide fence.  The red tracking pointer up front moves to show exactly where the cutting line is when off a track, even during a miter cut.

Finally, slide the KSS 60cc onto a Mafell F 160 accessory guide rail for world-class plunge and track saw capabilities.  Don't be fooled:  the only track saw or cross cutting system that rivals the KSS 60cc's power is its bigger brother:  Mafell's KSS 80Ec/370.

Like any Mafell circular saw, the KSS 60cc has all the features one would expect from the best 21st century German engineering:  variable speed motor, fast and safe blade change, easy depth and tilting adjustment, exceptional dust removal, precise depth stop settings, and superior riving knife/splitter technology.  Every part is composed of the most durable materials, making the KSS 60cc a reliable 20-30+ year investment.


Cutting depth at 0° on track: 0 to 2-3/8"
Cutting depth at 45° on track: 0 to 1-13/16"
Cutting depth at 0° off track: 0 to 2-5/8"
Cutting depth at 45° off track: 0 to 2-1/16"
Tilt range: 0 to 45°
Saw blade diameter: 7-1/4"
Nominal speed - no load: 2,700 to 4,700 rpm
Motor: 120 V / 60 Hz
Current: 14 A
Weight with track: 13.4 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • Guide Track 400  (16")
  • 32T Cross-Cutting Carbide Blade
  • Parallel Guide Fence
  • Allen Key
  • 13.1 ft Cord


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