You probably know more quarterbacks than nose tackles.  Nose tackles don't rack up a lot of MVP awards (or even tackles for that matter) but the best NT's can handle multiple offensive linemen at once, which frees up the rest of their team to do their jobs.

Mafell MKS 185Ec

The same goes with Mafell's MKS 185Ec Circular Saw.  It doesn't receive the flashy attention of a portable band saw or chain beam saw, but it is the world's most powerful handheld circular saw and is now essential for many of our customers:

All large gluelam truss builders in the USA and Canada have MKS 185Ec saws, and there are many timber framers who use them routinely for all of their deep cuts.

Nearly all large SIP builders in the USA and Canada have MKS 185Ec saws.  These machines provide the fastest and cleanest cuts in SIP panels.

Mafell MKS 185Ec

Mafell's MKS 185Ec is THE machine to use for long rip cuts whenever an angle is required.  It cuts 5-1/8" at 45 degrees and 3-5/8" at 60 degrees.  It is also very good for long rip cuts at 90 degrees, reaching 7-1/4 inches!  No portable tool out there cuts 185mm depths better.

The MKS 185Ec is extremely accurate, powerful and makes a very clean cut.  It also has a fantastic parallel fence system that keeps the machine perfectly square to the timber during cross-cuts and is easy to use during rip cuts.

The 240 V motor gives the MKS 185Ec major advantages in cross-cutting and ripping compared to 120 V motors.  Nose tackles have heartier diets than most of the team, and likewise the MKS 185Ec converts power into performance.  If you are only going to have one 240 V tool in your shop, this is the one.

We have several MKS 185Ec saws in stock, but WINTER IS COMING!  (any George R. R. Martin fans out there?)  For our industry, that means many timber framers will be doing indoor sawing and demand will be high.  We recommend ordering your saw early before the Christmas week busy-ness!

As always, please call us at 1-800-869-4169 if your business has questions.

For more information on this saw, please view:
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TWT Announcements:

Mafell has developed a new product that is essentially 5 tools in 1:  the Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter, which is now available in 120 V for the first time.  We will provide you with lots of details in another email soon, but here's a neat video in the meantime:

Following-up on our June email about the Mafell P1cc Jigsaw:  David Collins at CollinsToolCompany has adapted a COPING FOOT for the P1cc that supports the saw while changing between bevel/turn/pitch angles, which has received praise from some of our customers.  Cost in 2014 is $77 USD plus shipping:  order by David's phone (614-873-6219) or fax (614-873-1676) only.

And a BIG THANK YOU to Mafell's super-nice team for showing Kate and I around their state-of-the-art facility and the Black Forest!  We were able to see some traditional timber frame buildings in Germany that made us feel like we were in Disneyland:

Jeff and Kate

Enjoy the nose tackle season!

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