Hopefully you are enjoying the outdoors and some beautiful Fall weather.  The Timberwolf Tools team recently had a nice hike up Caribou Mountain in Maine.  BRRRR!! It was cold, but great to be in a spot that has four seasons and lots of bright colors.  And I can confirm that ham and cheese tastes better at 2,850 feet.

Andrew Jeff Caribou Mountain
Jeff & Andrew with NH White Mountains view

Good old brotherly love, despite opposing Blackhawks and Bruins hats. And speaking of brotherly love:  a big THANK YOU to everyone I met at my first Timber Framers Guild Conference last month.  It was a very warm reception and a lot of other young guys like me felt the same.  David and I enjoyed seeing many of you there.

Mafell MT55cc
Today we'd like share what our customers are saying about Mafell's New MT55cc Plunge/Track Saw.  This saw does a lot more than just plunge, so timber framers and cabinet makers alike should investigate whether this saw will help your business finish projects with speed and precision.

The MT55cc's highlights include the world's fastest blade change (without damaging blade teeth or your fingers) thanks to safety locks that engage when the guard easily opens.  Like other Mafell products, it also has more power and accuracy than the other saws in its class.  And with a superior dust collection system, the MT55cc is the one tool that your family might allow in your kitchen!  But as always, our customers tell this tool's story better than we could:

"You just know when you have a quality tool in your hand.  The MT55cc is that tool.  The quality of build combined with the cutting capacity, power, ease of use and accuracy makes this the best track saw out there.  I have enjoyed my time using the saw and exploring the possibilities that it is capable of.  I have had some challenging projects with very expensive exotic hardwoods where there was no margin for error or failure.  The Mafell MT55cc delivered.  I have a large amount of very nice tools and it is one of my favorites.  David Powell and the Timberwolf crew are there to provide the best customer service around.  It is good to know they are there if you need them."
-Jay Bodnar, Simi Valley, California

"It was a day of discovery for me when I first learned about the Mafell MT55cc plunge/track saw.  In fact, it was while browsing another tool line forum that I learned about the existence of the Mafell tool line.  After much research, it was obvious that the MT55cc was designed for the real "hard nose professional" who doesn't need complicated or special setup before using a tool.  The MT55cc is quality and precision at their best, and on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5+, that is why I did not hesitate to purchase other tools manufactured by Mafell."
-Rudy - Massachusetts

Mafell MT55cc Mafell MT55cc

"The Mafell MT55cc track saw along with the very cool Aerofix system takes cutting wood into the modern age.  The Aerofix allows me to save quite a lot of time because clamping is no longer necessary.  The saw's motor manages to find the sweet spot in power between Festool's TS 55 and 75.  I get crisp and clean cuts in everything from 3/4 ply to 8/4 red oak.  Blade change and dust collection is also the best in its class.  I love the scoring function and wouldn't want a TS without it.  Not only does it ensure a crisp edge, but it greatly increases safety.  If you're the kind of person who insists on owning the best tools that money can buy, then the MT55cc with the Aerofix is the track saw system for you."
-James Finn, owner, James Finn Design

"Hello, my name is Marty, & I am the owner/operator of a remodeling company specializing in the installations of fine cabinetry in the Washington area.  The Mafell track saw has become a huge asset to me for cutting pre-finished panels on either a square or mitered cut.  The options to hook up to a vac system gives me a dust-free cut while working inside.  The connecting system is simple & accurate.  The time I save using this saw is amazing, the quality of the finished cut is unsurpassed.  I would recommend the MT55cc to anyone in the remodeling business."
-Martin Grossman

Position Indicator MT-PAMT55cc Key Applications

Plunge-cut precisely using the Position Indicator (see left) to cut recesses in countertops and openings for air vents.  You can quickly set cutting depths with millimeter precision using the depth gauge pointer, or extremely fine facility adjustment (such as when using a re-sharpened blade).

Through-cut tear-free on every side of your material.  For ultra-precise cuts, the MT55cc also has a score cutting function for the most fragile materials (laminates, plastics, etc).  As seen in the video (above), the scoring function restricts the cutting depth to 2.5mm and displaces the saw blade very slightly from the cut line.

Bevel-cut between -1 and 48 degrees with a simple half turn of two locking screws.  Using a -1 degree undercut produces visibly tight joints with tear-free edges.  The MT55cc cuts up to 2-3/16" deep off a track, or 1-9/16" at 45 degrees.  It was originally made to cut 55mm deep at 90 degrees and thus earned the MT55cc name, but the special new 162mm-diameter blade that comes with the machine extends it to 57mm, allowing the MT55cc to reach just over 2" cutting depth on a track.

Cross-cut and rip solid wood, fiberboard, melamine resin panels, OSB, Multiplex, gypsum wallboard, laminated and sandwich board, soft fiberboard, cement fiber panels, oriented strand board, plastics, facade boards, decorative laminates, Plexiglas, aluminum, floor laminates and panels.  The 120 V CUprex compact motor (available in 230V as well) offers high-performance power and variable speed options for a variety of materials and saw blades.

Mafell MT55cc Green Track
MT55cc Key Accessories

You may already have some in your shop!  The MT55cc can work with track systems made by other manufacturers, as well as conventional vacuum units with a 35mm hose connector.  At the same time, everyone with red tools in their shop knows that Mafell puts quality into everything they do--including accessories--and many of these items work with other Mafell saws such as the P1cc, KSS 400 and MF26cc/400.

Aerofix F-AF 1 Clamping SystemThere are three Mafell rails commonly used with the MT55cc:  the F 80, F 110 and F 160.  Each number refers to the rail's length in centimeters (2.6 ft, 3.6 ft, & 5.2 ft respectively) and multiple rails can be easily combined with a rigid Mafell Connecting Piece.  Erik Scanlon at Sanek + Co adds:  "The guide rails offer two continuous locations for clamping, one conveniently located near the cutting strip for safe, secure and accurate cuts.  Narrow stock rips are a breeze for the MT55cc."

The Aerofix System really sets the MT55cc apart, since it is handles both dust extraction and makes clamps obsolete.  The vacuum holds your rail firmly in place, even on a rough surface, and can be connected to standard Mafell F-guide rails.  The Aerofix can be used underneath the rail for parting cuts or above the rail for recessing.  We recommend watching the Aerofix video found here.

Finally, you have several blade options to consider.  The MT55cc comes with a 48-Tooth Blade for precision cuts.  This can be switched out for accessory blades with 24 Teeth or 32 Teeth for cross-cutting, 16 Teeth for ripping wood, or 48 Trapezoidal Teeth for decorative laminates.  Mafell also offers 56-tooth blades for ultra-fine wood cutting, and even a Diamond Blade for abrasive cement-bound materials such as Hardie Board siding.

Mafell MT55cc Blades

For more information on this new saw, please view:
Mafell MT55cc Plunge/Track Saw on Timberwolftools.com
or in the Mafell Online Catalog

Only two weeks until Kate and I visit Mafell AG!  Please send me any tool feedback you'd like to pass along to their design or manufacturing teams.  Very excited for my first trip to Germany, plus I also hear there's a little festival in Munich this time of year... with any luck my next email will have dirndl/lederhosen photos.

Cheers & Prost!

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