Last weekend, I spent the good part of an afternoon battling large piles of snow in my driveway after a wild Maine winter.  My Honda snow blower can throw snow a long way, but I spent much of that afternoon dreaming about a 4-wheel drive tractor with a large bucket or even better... a 15-ton CAT front-end loader!!

Just like there are many approaches to snow removal, there are many ways to craft a timber frame... from mallets, chisels and hand saws to chain mortisers, precise circular saws and portable band saws.

This is a time of year when many customers invest in a portable band saw.  These tools can save you an immense amount of time cutting both curves and straight lines.  In fact, many customers have decided to use their portable band saws for a variety of the functions where they formerly used other tools.  A fast and accurate band saw can make your work go so quickly.  The Mafell Z5Ec cuts a full 12" timber, and can even back out of deep cuts with special blades that have both front and rear cutting teeth.

We sell two capable portable band saws; however it is the Mafell Z5Ec that continues to amaze our customers.  Sure it is a big investment, but we have never had a disappointed customer who stepped up to the plate and purchased one.  If the sticker price is too much for you, consider financing the tool for about $295/month over 24 months.  In only two years, you will own this tool outright, and we are confident that you will "pay for it" in productivity gains in less than six months.

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The Mafell Z5Ec

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Please take a moment and read what customers say about the Mafell Z5Ec:

"Just a short note to say thank you for your help with the Z5Ec purchase.  It is truly a wonderful tool that we find ourselves using in more ways than I ever thought.  The Mafell Z5Ec is easy to use and has opened up new revenue opportunities for us."
- Doug Madden, Owner - The Renaissance Company

"Best tool - Mafell portable bandsaw - hands down."
- Mark Welch, Columbia Falls, MT

"I always thought a portable bandsaw was limited to cutting decorative end-cuts on beams.  But the Mafell Z5 can do so much more.  I use it routinely for cutting tenons, rafter birds' mouths and scarfs.  It's a wonderful tool - fast, accurate and a pleasure to use."
- Ben Weiss, Dorset, VT

"It's unbelievable.  It's a great tool.  I use it for everything."
- Steve Coombs, Historic Restoration, Wolfboro, NH

"I love it.  I'm not a poet, but I have nothing but good things to say about it."
- Jeremy Barlow, Barlow Bridge & Timberworks, Knoxville, TN

"My guys tell me it's the best tool they've ever picked-up."
- Rick Patriacca, Patriacca Construction, Eagle, CO

"It is pretty awesome.  We've been cutting radiuses; it saves us a lot of time."
- Jeff, Byldan Woodworks, Ardrossan, AB

"I used it to build my 12' x 12' pergola.  The Z5Ec is the best:  it cuts more true and deeper, and it cuts tighter curves.  It is more powerful, has variable speed, is 120v and is lighter to use.  It even has rear cutting 'teeth', and has a quick blade change-out system.  This good tool made my work fun."
- Marc Boutan

Since this list of testimonials was prepared, I have talked to so many Z5Ec owners over the last year who are absolutely thrilled with what they have been able to accomplish with their Mafell Z5Ec.  It is quite a machine!
- David Powell

The construction business, and especially timber framing, is continuing to expand.  Timberwolf Tools offers you the greatest timber framing and cabinetry tools in the world, accessories and parts to keep your machines running in top form, know-how about how to best use these tools, and several financing options.

As the expansion continues, we looking for ways to help your business grow and prosper.

What machine is right for you?

Wishing you a successful and enjoyable Spring (and a quick snow melt!)

David Powell and the Timberwolf Tools family
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