If you haven't heard through the grapevine yet...  After more than a year's work, Timberwolf Tools finally launched its new website!  Many of you have already placed orders, created accounts, and submitted positive feedback.  THANK YOU for patiently bearing with the old site for so long!  We haven't done a complete website overhaul since the dot-com boom, so numerous improvements were needed.  At your convenience, we welcome you to brew a cup of coffee and visit https://www.timberwolftools.com/ to test-drive some of the new features.

Here are our Top 10 favorite additions:

SearchSearch Field

This is now one of the fastest ways to find items at Timberwolf Tools.  We use it all the time internally in our day to day work!  For example, the Mafell DD40P Duo Dowel System was once a tough tool to find on the old website, but now you can just start typing "dd" and it will show the tool and several relevant items.  Or perhaps you're trying to buy the same band saw blades you did last time?  Simply plug in the 6-digit SKU number that you see on the box (such as 092337) and the exact blades will come up.

AccessoriesAccessory Pages

Nearly 300 new pages have been added!  Every accessory now has its own page with lots of helpful specifications and compatibility informaton.  You might have never known that the Roller Edge Guide MF-UA fits with the MT55cc Plunge/Track Saw, or that the Universal Guide was compatible with the MKS Circular Saws?  Now you do! These new pages are especially helpful for accessory-loaded tools such as the Mafell MF26cc/400 Multi-Cutter and ERIKA Pull-Push Saws that were formerly quite mysterious unless you had spent lots of time reading online forums and watching German videos.

AccountCreate an Account

For repeat visitors, we expect this feature to save everyone a lot of time.  Want to see which drill bits you ordered last time?  Create an account to see your order history, save multiple billing/shipping addresses, store multiple credit cards in military-grade 256-bit encryption, start a wish list, and submit product reviews.

ComplexSimplify Complex Orders

Certain tool orders have historically been quite complicated such as ARUNDA Dovetail Systems, Mafell BST Drilling Stations and Mafell LS 103Ec Deep Slot Mortisers.  The new website makes quoting and ordering these tools much, much simpler!  Like the search function, we now use these pages all the time internally at Timberwolf Tools to provide quick and precise quotes on the fly.

QuickQuick WoodOwl Augers

To our drill bit gurus:  no need to keep going back and forth between the shopping cart and the WoodOwl page!  Our new WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Auger Bits page lets you choose all your sizes and quantities for a one-and-done Add to Cart.  Every WoodOwl bit also has its own page if you browse them under Accessories or Search.


Hopefully less squinting and zooming in is required now!  More and more folks are using their mobile phones and tablets to shop for tools these days, so this was an important element in our development process.  Try the site vertically or horizontally:  your choice.

REMEMBER on a mobile device to use the three-line "hamburger" button in the upper-left to access your Account, shop by manufacturer, or browse specific categories such as Track Saws.

ShippingSmart Shipping

Timberwolf Tools is now able to ship orders placed before 4pm Eastern time each business day.  If you are in the Contiguous 48 United States, you can save a lot of money on shipping by planning ahead and selecting the Ground option (and Canadian, Alaskan and Hawaiian customers now have a less expensive USPS Priority option available for smaller packages).  To see how long it takes for Ground shipping to arrive at your shop, we've added this map to the VIEW AND EDIT CART screen and shipping checkout screen.  As an example:  most California customers are in the 4-Day Ground zone, so a Golden State order for an in-stock item on Thursday at 12pm Pacific time will arrive the following Wednesday.

ShoppingTargeted Shopping

A handy way to compare tools on the new website is by selecting attributes on the left side of the screen (use the "Shop By" button on mobile devices).  Suppose you need a saw that can cut curves at a 45° degree angle:  go to the Saws page, select up to 45° from the TILTING tab and Curves from the CUTTING DIRECTION tab.  The Mafell P1cc Jigsaw is the only applicable tool in this case, so the website will send you directly to that page.

MakitaCustomizable Makita Tools

You can now customize your mortising chain, wheel brush, and planer blades when ordering the Makita 7104L Chain Mortiser, 9741 Wheel Brush Sander, and 1002BA Curved Base Planer respectively.  Timberwolf Tools has always been able to provide these services to our customers, but now it's easier than ever to compare prices and weigh the various options.

New Products and Content

See a typo?  Experiencing a bug?
Let us know!  George and I now have the ability to quickly edit Timberwolftools.com anytime, and we are continually making improvements throughout the day.

All that being said, please keep calling us!
These are high quality products that are often quite expensive, so it's good to periodically call 1-800-869-4169 and have a candid discussion about the strengths and limitations of a particular tool or accessory.  This website is just a tool:  one of many in your toolkit to help you make informed decisions for your business.  The best part of our day will always be speaking to YOU, our brilliant and talented customers!

A BIG THANK YOU TO TAY VAUGHAN for being our trusty webmaster for the better part of two decades!  Tay is a true renaissance man who has made countless edits to the old Timberwolf website over the years.  His construction experience was an invaluable asset when dealing with industry-specific terms and techniques.  We particularly enjoyed his sense of humor while eliminating bugs from the site ("gremlins" as he called them).  Tay, you will be missed!  Let's reminisce over a crabcake next time we're on a road trip through Maryland.

The torch has now been passed to George Bozonelos, our de facto Chief Information Officer.  Amazing job George on building the new site 100% in-house!  You deserve a vacation more than anyone I've ever worked with :)

Happy Labor Day to You All!

Jeff Powell and the Timberwolf Tools Team
Toll free:  1-800-869-4169