Mafell ZK 115Ec Notch Cutter

  • Produces tenon cuts up to 2-3/4" deep or birdsmouth cuts up to 3-1/16" deep
  • Powerful 230 V motor
  • Tilts up to 60°

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925001 / 925040
Mafell ZK 115Ec Notch Cutter is available to buy in increments of 1

Until now, making skew notches or birdsmouth cuts (as they are commonly called) was a trial-and-error process.  The ZK 115Ec makes it easy to accurately cut birdsmouths:  simply mark the center line of the cut across the beams, align the guide track and push!  The angle and the depth of cut can be easily and accurately set for the cutter head in order to achieve your desired result.

Precision cuts can be made in a single operation across a whole series of beams or rafters, increasing your productivity.  The integral friction clutch ensures that the cutter head starts up smoothly and safely.  The 5-7/8" x 4-1/2" standard skew notch cutter head can also be used for lap joints or tenons up to a depth of 1-1/16" at a zero degree angle (see chart for birdsmouth depths at various angles up to 60°).  This newly developed cutting head, with 13 reversible carbide tips, facilitates very high cutting rates, optimum chip removal and a long service life.

Optional accessories include an alternative cutter head with dimensions of 7-7/16" x 3-1/8" so you can cut lap joints or tenons up to a depth of nearly 1-7/8" at zero degrees.  There is also a tenon and lap joint cutter head with dimensions of 9-1/4" x 1-15/16" so you can cut tenons and lap joints up to a depth of 2-3/4".  The ZK 115Ec is also compatible with the Mafell guide rail system for long, straight cuts.


Cutting depth of Skew notch: 0 to 3-1/16"
Cutting depth of Lap joint: 0 to 2-3/4"
Cutting width of Lap joint: 1-15/16"
Tilt range: 0 to 60°
Cutting head diameter: 5-7/8" or 9-1/4"
Nominal speed - no load: 4,050 rpm
Motor: 230 V
Current: 15.9 A
Weight: 40 lbs

Standard Equipment

  • Skew Notch Cutter Head (5-7/8" x 4-1/2") or Lap Joint Cutter Head (9-1/4" x 1-15/16")
  • Parallel Guide Fence
  • Allen Key
  • Screw Driver
  • 32.8 ft Cord


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