1. Merry Christmas from Jeff's Timberwolf

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  2. Happenings at Timberwolf Tools Idaho & Chicago

    Hello Timber Framers, Cabinet Makers, Contractors, and Carpenters!

    I just returned from an inspiring and enjoyable 4-day Timber Framers Guild Annual Conference and Trade Show in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho .  There was a large turnout, and the event was full of interesting speakers and good conversations, with both expert timber framers and folks new to timber framing.  Timberwolf Tools had the opportunity to demonstrate four Mafell tools each day, allowing visitors to observe and use the tools before considering them for purchase. 

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  3. Financing with Timberwolf Tools

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  4. Merry Christmas from Timberwolf Tools

    Merry Christmas from Timberwolf Tools

    As Christmas approaches, we are so thankful for another year of supporting your work!  I always enjoy hearing about your projects throughout the year and we count ourselves blessed to play a small part in them.

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  5. Facing Year-End Decisions

    As you approach the end of the year, business leaders like yourself have many financial decisions to consider.  Some reward their employees with bonuses and holiday parties.  Some invest in equipment and software to make the next year better for the team.  Some give back to the community or their church.  And some do all of these.  What are you investing in?

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  6. Slot Mortising:  The Slot Machines that Pay Dividends

    You have probably seen more and more timber frame designers and customers ask about adding steel plates to their projects.  This is a fine engineering solution to reinforce your frames, but the steel plate slots must be cut accurately or it defeats the purpose.  So it is important for you to consider the best slot mortising tools available before tackling these projects.

    At Timberwolf Tools, we have two clear recommendations for cutting slots:  Mafell's LS 103Ec Slot Mortiser and Deep Slot Mortiser.

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  7. MKS 185Ec:  The Nose Tackle of Saws

    You probably know more quarterbacks than nose tackles.  Nose tackles don't rack up a lot of MVP awards (or even tackles for that matter) but the best NT's can handle multiple offensive linemen at once, which frees up the rest of their team to do their jobs.

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  8. Taking the Plunge with the Mafell MT55cc

    Hopefully you are enjoying the outdoors and some beautiful Fall weather.  The Timberwolf Tools team recently had a nice hike up Caribou Mountain in Maine.  BRRRR!! It was cold, but great to be in a spot that has four seasons and lots of bright colors.  And I can confirm that ham and cheese tastes better at 2,850 feet.

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  9. Cut Big Timber like the Pros:  Q&A with the Mafell ZSX Chain Beam Saw

    We hope you are enjoying a summer of quality projects, and perhaps you skipped some work to watch dramatic USA and German futbol matches!

    Last summer we wrote to you about how the Mafell ZSX Ec/400 Chain Beam Saw was a "game changer."  It has prompted many follow-up questions about one of the most unique machines we offer at Timberwolf Tools.  We hope the answers below help you determine whether a ZSX is the right decision for your business.

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  10. Mafell P1cc:  the "Handheld Band Saw"

    By popular demand, we want to provide you with an exposé on the world's top jigsaw:  the Mafell P1cc.

    Perhaps you use a jigsaw on every project, or maybe it's been years since you touched one.  Either way, we encourage you to consult your industry peers here about this dynamic tool and its potential application for your business.

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